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How to Protect Your Computer

Before you connect to the Internet, you should have anti-virus and anti-spyware protection enabled. You don’t need to pay for these software because they are free. Get the free Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus. If you are using Windows XP, get the free Microsoft anti-spyware Windows Defender. (Windows Defender is included with…

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Hard Reset a Palm

If your palm is acting weird, did you try hard-resetting it? It’s like rebooting your computer. Just sync the palm to your machine so your desktop will have the latest info. Do a hard-reset on the palm (hold the power button down, press the reset button in the back, let…

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Change Dialup Settings

Configure your Dial-Up Networking connection with phone umber, username, and password: Go to menu Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->Dial-up Networking. You should now see the Dial-Up Networking folder. Right-click on the Dialup Internet or similarly named file and select Properties. Change the phone number. Click on OK button. You can close the Dial-Up Networking…

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