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Category: Internet

File Upload With PHP

I recently needed to handle a file upload using PHP and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. I am sharing my file upload test script below. Create a file named “upload.php” with the following content: <?php {   // Handle GET or POST   if ($_SERVER[’REQUEST_METHOD’] === ‘POST’)…

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PHP Script to Convert Firefox’s “sessionstore.js” to HTML

Today, my Firefox browser decided to freeze on startup while loading the pre-existing tabs. After killing it and restarting several times, I realized that the only way to recover was to prevent Firefox from loading the tabs. I located Firefox’s “sessionstore.js” file and moved it (one could also rename it).…


One Router to Rule Them All

I recently bought an iMac for my sister. While setting it up, the Software Update would keep aborting due to network disconnects. While testing, I noticed my wireless G connection would start off fast, then drastically slow down, then pause for a minute, disconnect/reconnect, and finally just unable to connect.…

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