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aboutchanhMy name is Chanh Vuong and I work as a software engineer.

I have worked in the software industry for over two decades and have been interested in computers for even longer. I learned my first programming language, Logo (pen down, forward 50, pen up), in elementary school.

I had the privilege of being present for the Internet’s transition from childhood to adulthood, starting with dialup and before the birth of the web browser. Since the beginning, I was struck by how people used the technology to connect, share information, and help each other, even on a primitive dialup BBS (bulletin board system). As the Internet matured, this only intensified so that today, I know that I can find helpful information about anything, provided for free by the generosity of many.

I want to return that generosity by publishing helpful technical information in this blog. Whatever I learn that I believe can be of use to another, I will document here in detail. There will be some duplication of information (which can be found on other websites), but this is good because redundancy is necessary when websites come and go.

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