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Get Rid of Red-Eye (Using Photoshop)

20redeyeHow to get rid of red eyes in your photos:

  1. Load the photo into Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Select red eye pupils using Elliptical Marquee Tool. Hold shift to select the second pupil.
    • Useful commands:
      • Ctrl-H to hide selection
      • Ctrl-1 to see red channel
      • Ctrl-2 to see green channel
      • Ctrl-3 to see blue channel
      • Ctrl-~ (tilde) to see normal RGB
  3. Choose menu Select->Feather and input 0.5 pixel. Hit Okay.
  4. Choose menu Image->Adjust->Channel Mixer.
    • Select Red for Output Channel.
    • Set Red to zero in the Source Channels.
    • Set both Green and Blue to +50 in the Source Channels.
    • Hit Okay.
  5. If the eyes still don’t look natural (maybe you have green eye now), you will need to zoom in, pick a nearby color (Eyedropper Tool), and paint the pupils manually (Paint Bucket Tool).
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