Change Dialup Settings

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oldtelephoneConfigure your Dial-Up Networking connection with phone umber, username, and password:

  1. Go to menu Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->Dial-up Networking. You should now see the Dial-Up Networking folder.
  2. Right-click on the Dialup Internet or similarly named file and select Properties.
  3. Change the phone number.
  4. Click on OK button. You can close the Dial-Up Networking folder.
  5. Now do your normal dialup routine by clicking on the Dialup Internet link.
  6. Change the User name field and Password field. Check the Save password option if you want.
  7. You should see the number you entered in step 3 in the Phone number field.
  8. Click on Connect to connect to the internet. Hopefully, the above will work. Once you have made a successful connection, the new username and password will become permanent.
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Get Rid of Red-Eye (Using Photoshop)

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How to get rid of red eyes in your photos:

  1. Load the photo into Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Select red eye pupils using Elliptical Marquee Tool. Hold shift to select the second pupil.
    • Useful commands:
      • Ctrl-H to hide selection
      • Ctrl-1 to see red channel
      • Ctrl-2 to see green channel
      • Ctrl-3 to see blue channel
      • Ctrl-~ (tilde) to see normal RGB
  3. Choose menu Select->Feather and input 0.5 pixel. Hit Okay.
  4. Choose menu Image->Adjust->Channel Mixer.
    • Select Red for Output Channel.
    • Set Red to zero in the Source Channels.
    • Set both Green and Blue to +50 in the Source Channels.
    • Hit Okay.
  5. If the eyes still don’t look natural (maybe you have green eye now), you will need to zoom in, pick a nearby color (Eyedropper Tool), and paint the pupils manually (Paint Bucket Tool).
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