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Year: 2008

Using Eclipse to Debug PHP

With EasyEclipse and the PHP Debugger extension, you can debug and step through a PHP call. Installing the PHP Debugger (DBG) Extension Download the PHP Debugger (DBG); specifically the DBG 2.15.5 dbg modules for windows. Unzip the dbg modules to a temporary directory. Copy the relevant php extension file, currently…

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Setting Up an Apache, MySQL, PHP Development Environment with XAMPP

Rather than installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP individually, XAMPP is an integrated development enironment that combines all three (and more) into one easy installation. Download XAMPP and install it into the default “c:\xampp” directory. Set apache and mysql to start as services. Start XAMPP and browse to “http://localhost/” and you…


Backing Up Windows Desktop Locally and Remotely

To prevent data loss on my Windows desktop, I’ve created automated scripts to backup the data locally and remotely. For both sections below, we will pretend that I want to backup two directories: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Tax Files C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Photos Backing Up Windows Desktop Locally The best way…