Configure Live Mail 2011 for Gmail IMAP (and Yahoo Mail POP3)

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In my earlier post on Configuring Outlook 2003/2007 for Gmail IMAP, I mentioned that there was a problem with deleting messages. Specifically, when I deleted a message in the Gmail Inbox, the message was deleted from the Inbox but still left in the “All Mail” folder; so it didn’t show up in the Trash. The workaround was to drag the message from the “All Mail” folder to the Trash.

Evidently, Microsoft fixed this Gmail behavior in Outlook 2010 and in Live Mail 2011. To check it out, I downloaded and installed Live Mail 2011. I then started Live Mail and attempted to create a new email account. Below are some hints on configuring Live Mail to use Gmail IMAP.

Note: There is a major downside to using Live Mail 2011 if you receive emails from Facebook. Simply, when you attempt to read an email from Facebook, Live Mail 2011 will crash. I looked into using rules to move emails from Facebook into a folder, but rules only work for POP3 accounts, not Gmail IMAP. (Update: Either Microsoft or Facebook fixed this issue because I no longer see it.)

On the “Add your email accounts” dialog, make sure to select the “Manually configure server setttings” option.

On the next “Configure server settings” screen, select “IMAP” as the “Server type” and make sure to select “Clear text” for the “Authenticate using” option (the alternative “Secure Password Authentication” method is not supported by Gmail).

When you click on the next button, Live Mail will create the Gmail account and perform the initial IMAP folder sync. Once the sync completed, I tested by selecting a message in the Inbox and deleting it. When I checked the “[Gmail]->All Mail” folder, the message was not listed there. And when I checked the “[Gmail]->Trash” folder, I saw the deleted message. It worked! I no longer have to do the “move to Trash” workaround.

After adding several email accounts, I noticed that Live Mail’s account list (on the left in the main window) was not listing the email accounts in the order of creation; they were in some random order. To re-arrange the display order, just left-click on the email account name and select “Move up” or “Move down”.

Another strangeness I noticed was that the “Unread email” folder under “Quick views” would show a duplicate of each new message. Duplicates occur because each new unread message appears both in the Inbox folder and the “[Gmail]->All Mail” folder. You can eliminate the duplicates by hiding the “All Mails” folder. To hide the “All Mail” folder, left-click on it and select the “Hide this folder from list” menu item. After making this change, you should see only one copy of each message in the “Unread email” folder.

If you want to unhide the “All Mail” folder, left-click on the email account name and select the “Show or hide folders…” menu item. Under the All tab, select the “All Mail” item and click on the “Show” button to the right. Hit Ok to close the dialog. You should see the “All Mail” folder under “[Gmail]” again.

For your reference, below are the screenshots for configuring Live Mail 2011 to use a Yahoo Mail POP3 account. (Update: If you don’t have a Yahoo Mail Plus account which is required for Yahoo POP3, you can use Yahoo’s new IMAP access with “” server and SSL port 993. Configure the same as for Gmail IMAP. See the last screenshot.)


I imagine that the above info is still applicable when configuring Outlook 2010.

These sites helped me to figure out the quirks of Live Mail 2011:

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