Disable Volkswagen Jetta Daylight Running Lights

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The later Volkswagen Jettas come with headlights always on by default; this feature is called daylight running lights (DRL). Unfortunately, DRL lowers the lifetime of the headlights and lowers the gas mileage (just a wee bit). This hack will disable the DRL only and leave the rest of the headlight functions alone. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)

1. Push the light switch (just the smaller inside circle part) in and turn clockwise. This will unlock it and allow it to pop out. The outer circle is not moveable. jetta_drl1.jpg
2. Once the switch is unlocked, you can simply pull it out and disconnect the wiring plug. jetta_drl2.jpg
3. Once the wiring harness is loose, flip it around so you can see the wires going into the back. jetta_drl3.jpg
4. The wire you want to remove is #3 (third from the left). Just pull out the #3 wire and tape the metal end of the loose wire up (you can use transparent tape) to prevent electrical shorts. jetta_drl4.jpg
5. Finally, rebuild the switch in the reverse order.

Note: This info is replicated from another website with my own comments added.