Open Source

These are utilities which I am releasing to the public domain with source code. Use at your own risk. Each zip archive comes with a compiled executable and the source code.

Note: I’ve recompiled the executables to run on Windows XP 32bit, Windows 7 32bit, and Windows 7 64bit. However, when running 32bit executables under Windows 7 64bit, there are limitations; for example, WinClose.exe will only detect windows belonging to 32bit programs, not 64bit programs.

Program Description Example
unix2dos Replaces Unix return code 0x0A in text files with MS-DOS return code 0x0D for viewing by MS-DOS text editors. “unix2dos.exe unix_example.txt”
WinClose Windows command line program to close any running program with an executable matching the inputted executable name. Can be used in a DOS batch file to close windows program to release locks on files and directories. To close Microsoft Outlook: “WinClose.exe outlook.exe”
Wait Windows command line program to wait for the number of seconds inputted as argument. Can be used in a DOS batch file to pause. To pause for 10 seconds: “Wait.exe 10”
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